How To Choose The Right Fabric For Your Sewing Project?

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Sewing becomes the most popular hobby nowadays. There are a lot of people both men and women who want to learn to sew because they know that it is really fun. You can make a cool dress if you can sew well. You also can do it home and kill your time with a valuable activity. If you can sew, then you do not need to buy dresses in a mall because you can make one by yourself. However, you also need to consider the best fabrics for your sewing project so you can get the best result. You can read these following tips to know the best fabrics for your sewing projects.

Read Your Pattern

Many people who learn to sew prefer to use a pattern when they are about to start their project. When you use a pattern to sew, you are required to read the pattern instruction that you can found in the back of the package. It will show what kind of fabric you can use, but it may be only a suggestion while you can actually use your own fabric. Still, it is advisable that you use a fabric according to the instruction to get the best result.

Choosing The Fabric

Once you know what kind of fabric you want, then you can go to a craft store to buy one. However, you must pay attention to the fabric quality. Some fabrics may have bad signs like fraying. When this problem happens to the bold, then it will always occur when you start the project. Overall, you must choose the good fabric for your first project to avoid the failure. Some of the fabrics may also be wrinkle so easily. You can check the fabric whether it can be wrinkle by scrunching the fabric up in your hand. This will also occur when you work on your project using this fabric. If you choose fabrics for casual clothing, then you must find out if the fabric is washable using a machine.

Working With Satin And T-Shirt Knit

T-shirt knife and satin are two kinds of fabrics that are not that easy to sew. The satin fabric is too soft and slick and you may feel difficult when cutting it because it will always fall off of your table. How to solve this problem? You can actually use silk pins to make it stay together when you want to sew it. Meanwhile, when you choose T-shirt knit, it is easy to roll up and you will always unroll it when you sew it. But, this fabric is really good for creating wonderful items. For a newbie, these two fabrics may not be your good choices before you can sew masterfully.

Cotton Fabrics

Cotton can be a good choice for a new beginner because it is easy to sew using cotton. It is not only easy to sew, but it is also smooth, soft, comfortable, and look awesome when you wear it. But, you need to know that cotton may shrink when you wash it using the machine. So, it is advisable that you wash the cotton before you start the project with it so that the finished result will have the same size after you wash it.

Well, those are several kinds of fabrics that you can try to start your project. You must choose the best fabric for your project. If you are a newbie, then you can choose cotton because it is really easy to sew. But, it is not a big deal at all if you choose satin or T-shirt knit to start your project if you do not mind. You also can use a pattern to star your project so that you know what you need to do and finally you can get the best sewing result.