Embroidery Hoops and Frames

Embroidery Hoop
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Embroidery has always been a hobby for many people. Such people might want to find themselves some good equipment to help them in the process. To make embroider work easier, the hoop and the frame are something that can become helpful. Its not really essential but can make things easier. Lets see how the embroidery hoop and frame can help.

Embroidery Hoop

The embroidery hoop consists of two pieces; the first one is a hoop on which you fix the cloth material and the second one, also a hoop, which is placed on the top of the cloth material to ensure it is safe in place and doesn’t move. The second hoop has a small nut attached to it that is use to tighten the cloth to make sure it stays fixed in place. The hoops are available in different sizes ranging from small ones to large ones. The small ones are basically used for pieces of embroidery, which are supposed to be used with cards. The larger ones are helpful in big embroidery works like a wall hanging, cushion, bed sheet or covers. The hoops can be made of wood, plastic or metal. The price may vary among these materials. For the wooden hoops, the price is dependent on the quality of wood used for this purpose.

The main purpose of the hoops is that it is used to keep the fabric in place while you do the embroidery work on it. Smaller hoops are more feasible as they are easy to move around anywhere on the bigger projects. A large hoop is often difficult to control.

Embroidery Frames

Embroidery Frames
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The embroidery frame consists of two round pieces of wood and two square or rectangle pieces of wood making a frame. The idea of the embroidery frame is to attach the fabric on the round pieces just like on the hoops and the square and rectangle square frames are used to wound up the piece until its tight. The fabric is sewed to the frame that helps it tighten up and then the round pieces are used just like the hoops for embroidery. The problem with using the frame is that you can only use the fabric of the exact size of the frame or reduced than the frame.

The embroidery frames come with its advantage of being a helpful embroidery tool where you can see the most of your fabric. The embroidery frame keeps your fabric still and tightened. You can use a stand with it as well. Stands are also available with the hoop but not much effective with them. The stands for the frames are available in a much broader range. Free stands for example can be attached to a table and some are even helpful to work on your lap.

To conclude, both of these tools have benefits in embroidery work. You have to choose which is more suitable for you according to the type of work.

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